Preventative Dentistry in East London

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Prevent Tooth Decay and Gum Disease

At UltraSmile* we believe that early diagnosis and treatment of any potential problem is essential if teeth are to remain healthy and attractive.

Preventive dentistry is the modern way of reducing the amount of dental treatment necessary to maintain a healthy mouth. It helps you to keep your teeth.

The two major causes of tooth loss are decay and gum disease. The better we prevent or deal with these two problems, the more chance people have of keeping their teeth for life.

The joint efforts of your UltraSmile* dentists, hygienist and yourself, can help to prevent the need for treatment, and so avoid the traditional pattern of fillings and extractions.

At UltraSmile*, not only do we give advice about good oral health as standard but we have also invested in hi-tech equipment to help detect early signs of decay and to prevent decay.

Your UltraSmile* dentist will share with you the necessary skills and knowledge to help you effectively maintain your oral hygiene on a daily basis. They will demonstrate brushing techniques, the use of floss and other devices to help you keep your teeth clean and healthy.

DIAGNODENT (Caries Dectector)

The Diagnodent is a pen-like probe that detects hidden decay. It works by sending a safe and painless laser beam into the tooth and notifies the dentist when hidden decay is detected by means of a numerical display and an alarm signal. Detecting decay before it can be seen on the surface, not only allows us to treat it before the cavity appears, but it can also remove the need for injections and drilling.


A fissure sealant is a protective plastic coating which is applied to the deep pits and fissures present on the biting surfaces of the back teeth in order to seal them and prevent the build up of food and bacteria that can cause tooth decay. These pits and fissures are often too narrow and deep to clean with a toothbrush.

Sealants can be applied as soon as the permanent teeth start to come through, usually between 6 and 7 years of age. The whole procedure is quick and painless, taking just a few minutes for each tooth.


Oral cancer is a curable disease if caught early. ViziLite Plus is a 5-minute test that uses fluorescent light to help dentists identify abnormal tissue that may develop into oral cancer.

The ViziLite Plus exam is painless and fast, and could help save your life.