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DipDH, DipDT, GDC No. 220917
Senior Hygienist & Therapist

Joanna Landais, DipDH, DipDT, GDC No. 220917

Joanna attended a dual qualification in Dental Hygiene and Therapy from Queen Mary University of London in 2011.

Prior to graduating as a hygienist, she qualified as a dental assistant in Chicago, USA and obtained Bachelor of Science from University of Westminster.

Joanna perform preventative gum screenings, treat active gum disease and carry out regular hygiene maintenance education visits. She incorporates high standard of treatment and provide personalised, thorough patient education about the most effective home hygiene habits.

Joanna is committed to spreading the “health mouth, healthy body” message to increase patients’ awareness about untreated tooth decay or gum problems and the impact those conditions can have on overall health.

She is certified to carry out tooth whitening procedures and to give smoking sessions.

Joanna relish working with all age groups but thoroughly enjoy treating children and teaching them dental skills for life.

Privately, Joanna a mum of two boys, Oscar and Hugo. She enjoys fine dining, active and healthy lifestyle.

She is currently studying to become a certified nutritionist in order to join “healthy heart with a healthy smile”.

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