Welcome to UltraSmile* - winner of the UK's Private Practice of the Year, The UK's Best Patient Care and the UK's Most Attractive Practice. We were also runner's up for Dentist of the Year and Smile Makeover of the Year.

At UltraSmile* we are committed to providing the very best in general and cosmetic dentistry.

Thank you for reading about our Special Offers. Please visit our website and Facebook again as we run different Special Offers throughout the year.
Special Offers
Get an amazing 50% DISCOUNT on the INVISALIGN aligners.

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Check-Up & Hygiene Treatments
10% OFF All Check-Up & Hygiene Treatments
Get 10% OFF All Check-Up & Hygiene Treatments

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Teeth Whitening
£100 OFF All Whitening Treatments
Get £100 OFF ALL our Teeth Whitening packages

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KöR Deep Bleaching
Get a £100 DISCOUNT on the fabulous KöR Deep Bleaching

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Dental Implants
25% OFF Dental Implants
Get an amazing 25% DISCOUNT on Dental Implants

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Facial Aesthetics
10% OFF Facial Aesthetics
Get a wonderful 10% DISCOUNT on ALL Facial Aesthetics treatments

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Incognito & WIN Lingual Braces
Get an astounding up to £2000 DISCOUNT on our INCOGNITO & WIN Lingual Braces packages

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White Fillings & Amalgam
10% OFF White Fillings & Amalgam Replacement
Get a fantastic 10% OFF White Fillings & Amalgam Replacement

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