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The Best Digital Impression Solution In The World

The accuracy of crown and bridgework is determined by the accuracy of the initial impression-taking process. As it currently stands, preparing trays, taking and extracting impressions, shipping, pouring models and trimming dies all present their own set of variables that ultimately jeopardizes the precision and efficacy of a clinician’s work. The result can often be a restoration that leads to expensive increases in chair time, costly remakes and unhappy patients.

The TRIOS® digital impression solution solves many such problems by providing accurate impressions from the start while additionally giving dentists all the advantages of modern digital technologies.

As the digitization of dentistry is propelled forward by continuous advancements, 3Shape – an industry pacesetter for breakthrough developments – have leveraged their proven CAD/CAM and scanning technologies to bring us TRIOS – an intra-oral digital impressioning solution that builds on, optimizes and digitizes existing clinic-lab workflows. With Ultrafast Optical Sectioning technology, representing the next-generation of digital impression-taking, TRIOS allows dentists to enjoy a wide range of dental indications, lab technician expertise and a flexible choice of materials. With a sleek design and Smart-Touch screen, and the facilitation of speedy online communication with the lab – whether it be from the unit itself, your PC or iPad – the TRIOS is set to transform the dental practice’s efficiency and image.

TRIOS® benefits for dentists and patients


• Better experience
• Quick with no discomfort caused by impression materials
• Extra comfortable with powder-free scanning
• Increased satisfaction
• High quality restoration fits and minimal grinding
• High quality clinical results
• More convenience
• Reduce number of appointments due to fewer retakes
• Reduced overall chair time


• Clinical results
• High digital impression accuracy for high quality
restoration fit
• HD photos, instant preparation and impression validation
• Reduced adjustment and grinding during seating
• Easy impression taking
• Powder-free scanning
• No impression materials and mess
• Never retake an impression
• Efficiency & business benefits
• Faster impression taking, instant shade measurement, and
reduced chair time
• Save materials and shipping costs
• Possibility to reduce costs with model-free crowns
• Interactive online communication