Get an amazing 50% Discount on the INVISALIGN aligners.

As a member of an extremely small and exclusive group of DIAMOND PLUS Invisalign providers in Europe, we get the largest discount from Invisalign. So, for our promotion, we pass our discount on and therefore we know that our prices are the most competitive and hopefully as a result, we get more patients and the more patients we get the higher our status is and the higher the status the larger the discount.

The revolutionary INVISALIGN treatment can correct gaps, rotations, or overlaps in teeth, in the same way that traditional braces can.

Unlike braces, INVISALIGN aligners are virtually invisible, more comfortable to wear and completely removable for convenience and better oral hygiene maintenance.

So far over 4 Million patients worldwide have been successfully treated using INVISALIGN.

UltraSmile* is a DIAMOND PLUS (the highest possible level) Provider of INVISALIGN. This mean that we are in INVISALIGN’S TOP 1% of Providers in the UK & EUROPE.

UltraSmile* is also a one of a very small number of practices in EUROPE to have invested in the iTero Digital Scanner by Invisalign as well at the Trios Digital scanner by 3Shape. This means that we are now able to take Digital Impressions. There are 3 major advantages to the Invisalign treatment when taking digital impressions over traditional methods;

1. The digital impression procedure ensures a more comfortable experience for the patient
2. It produces a more precise scan which translate to better Invisalign / Orthodontic results.
3. It cuts the time from impression to the start of the treatment from 3 months to 4-6 weeks.

As a DIAMOND PLUS provider, we get the biggest trade discount from INVISALIGN enabling us to offer an amazing 50% DISCOUNT on the price of the INVISALIGN Aligners, and on top of that, we also include a FREE Tooth Whitening (worth £295) as well as 3 Sets of the INVISALIGN VIVERA Retainers (worth £500) in all our packages.

Our comprehensive INVISALIGN packages start from as low as £1495 (1 Arch i7 treatment) (Including all Discounts). 0% Finance (subject to status) is also available.

Our industry’s most comprehensive INVISALIGN Package includes:-

  • INCLUDED A Comprehensive New Patient Check Up
  • PRECISE INVISALIGN Treatment Design Clincheck using the most advanced iTero/Trios 3D Scanners (no more dental moulds!) and all necessary X-Ray
  • BESPOKE INVISALIGN Treatment (including ALL appointments and the 50% Discount)
  • FREE Home WHITENING (worth £295)
  • FREE Cosmetic Tooth Shaping (smoothing of edges) at the end
  • FREE 1st Refinement if needed (worth £395)
  • FREE 3 Sets of the INVISALIGN VIVERA RETAINERS (worth £500)
  • FREE Up to 5 Years Warranty on all INVISALIGN FULL cases (see our full terms and conditions)

At UltraSmile*, the welfare of our patients is our top priority, this is why we do not any start cosmetic or orthodontic treatment until we satisfied that both your teeth and gums are healthy.

This is a limited time only offer.

Book now for a NO OBLIGATION, FREE CONSULTATION (normally £95).

Call us on 0207 093 4488 and experience our award winning service.

*Terms and Conditions:

  • This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions
  • Not everyone is suitable for INVISALIGN. A prior Consultation is needed
  • Any remedial work is an additional cost if needed
  • The Tooth Whitening might not be suitable for people with sensitive teeth or have Gum issues