How to Find a Good Dentist: The Ultimate Guide

Moving to a new area? Not happy with your current provider but you need to schedule a dentist today?

Don’t settle for the first dentist you come across. You’re putting your finances and your health on the line. The only problem is that it’s easy to get lost when you see a myriad of dentists readily available to you.

Not sure how to find a good dentist or where to start looking? Uncertain of the right qualities to consider? Don’t fret because we’ve made this guide for you to follow:

How to Find a Good Dentist: Start with the Basics

Learning how to pick a dentist starts by checking the ones closest to you. Choose one that’s near your home or your office, making it easy to visit if you use public transportation. Think of how you can get to it in case of emergency as well.

Also, check the dental office’s open hours. Most folks don’t do this and end up driving to a dental office only to get disappointed when they realize the dentist isn’t available.

One other important detail to check is if the dentist has all the legal credentials to prove their worth.

Does the dentist carry a valid license and does the office carry a business permit to operate in the area? Are the dentists and staff clear of any criminal records?

Conducting this type of extensive research guarantees you don’t get scammed by a phony dentist trying to make quick cash. Scams do happen in the dental field. Back in 2016, a dentist ran a 5-year scam worth more than 220,000.

What Type of Dentist Do You Need?

Next, you also have to consider the type of dentist you want. Although a general dentist might refer to themselves as a cosmetic or family dentist, these are not official specialisations.

The UK recognises the following as official dental specialties:

  • Dental Public Health
  • Endodontics
  • Paediatric Dentistry
  • Restorative Dentistry
  • Special Care Dentistry
  • Prosthodontics
  • Periodontologyavvbalist

If you can’t find the specialty dentist you need, look for a general dentist. They can point you in the right direction.

Ask for Recommendations from Friends and Family

Chances are, friends and family will happily suggest a good dentist that they are comfortable and satisfied with. Ask them specifics of what they like about their dentists to give you a better idea of their work.

More importantly, ask your friend or relative how long they’ve been with the dentist in question. The longer they’ve been that dentist’s patient, the more reliable their services are. It shows that the dentist is good enough for your friend or relative to keep coming back.

However, take recommendations with a grain of salt, especially if it comes from someone who’s never had anything beyond than teeth cleanings. You’ll want first-hand experiences with some of the more elaborate operations, like bone grafts to the jaw or denture implants, to get a better gauge of the dentist’s abilities.

Look for a Member of an Organisation

If you are relocating to a new city, your current dentist may have a recommendation too. Dentists working within an association could know someone in the city you’re moving to.

Also, keep in mind that dentists hold themselves to the standards of the organisation they’re part of, which makes them earn a patient’s trust more easily. Dentists working together is good news for patients – you get the guarantee that in the hands of a member, your treatment will consist of the latest techniques and technology.

Google Suggestions and Reviews

Narrowed down the list of dentists according to recommendations, location, and affiliation? Did you conduct a little background check to see if they’re legitimate businesses? The next important step is to read customer reviews.

Look for a review that tells the full story rather than a simple “good” or “bad” rating. You should look for in-depth details about other people’s experiences with that dentist.

Look for reviews on the official website, look into Yelp, and Google reviews. If the dental office has a Facebook Page, look there too since some people leave reviews on social media platforms.

Check Insurance and Payment Plans

All the above steps on how to choose a dentist won’t matter if they charge too much. Always make sure to ask the dentist or at least their office staff about how much they charge and if they have multiple payment plans available. The worst case scenario is having to pay everything in cash.

That said, you should ask about their policies regarding insurance. Does your insurance network cover services offered by the dentist you’re interested in? If the dentist is part of an association, check if your insurance includes practitioners in that organisation.

Visit the Office and Interview the Staff and Dentist

With a narrow list of potential awesome dental offices to check, make it a point to visit them in person. Get a good look at their facilities and sit down with the dentists to discuss your oral health needs, goals, and concerns.

Prepare your questions ahead of calling and visiting. If possible, bring your records if you already have them to let the dentist see them. This ensures you don’t waste time and can get to the gritty details of your visit.

Upon visiting the office, note the atmosphere of the clinic.

Is it comfortable and clean? Are the staff and dentist wearing proper attire? Check if you can spot evidence of credibilities, like a business permit and the dentist’s certificates or diploma.

Get Only High-Class Treatment from a Good Dentist

Figuring out how to find a good dentist should now be a breeze with this guide. Follow these steps to ensure you pick a dentist that not only fits your budget but is within reach, easy to contact, and has the reputable skills to help you with your oral health goals.

Looking for more tips regarding dental health? In need of a professional within your area? If you need awesome dental procedures and a comfortable environment, don’t hesitate to contact us now.

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