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Say Goodbye to Unsightly Amalgam Fillings With White Fillings

UltraSmile brings state-of-the-art modern dental fillings to East London. Modern day tooth coloured fillings fall into two categories: those made from a composite resin and those made from porcelain.

Composite fillings are placed directly into the tooth cavity and are then shaped by the dentist. Porcelain inlays/onlays are porcelain fillings that are usually made and shaped in a laboratory and are bonded to the tooth by the dentist. Both are free of mercury and come in an array of tooth colours that can be accurately matched to each individual tooth.

At UltraSmile* we use the latest composites and porcelain inlays/onlays. These materials are chosen not only for their strength but also because they yield excellent aesthetic results. This means that teeth damaged by tooth decay, tooth wear or trauma can now be restored to their natural form and appearance.

Two popular cosmetic procedures are the replacement of unsightly metal fillings and the closure of gaps between teeth. Both require a high level of artistic skill and can take as little as a single visit to transform your smile.

To find out more about our dental fillings in East London, book a consultation for an in-depth discussion with our dentist.