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Say Goodbye to Snoring with Our Snoring Treatments

What is Snoring?

The main snoring cause is due to the partial closure of the airway during sleep. During sleep muscles in the neck relax and for some people the soft tissue in the upper throat vibrates, which makes the sound we know as snoring.

Why does it happen?

Snorers are often made to feel guilty, however the causes of snoring are often beyond their control. Certain factors increase the chances of being a snorer:-

  • Physiology – The shape of the airway in some people makes snoring more likely.
  • Being Overweight – Excess body fat increases the chancesof snoring.
  • Age – As we age weaker throat muscles increase snoring.
  • Lifestyle – Some people snore after drinking alcohol or taking sleeping tablets due to the extra relaxation caused in the neck and throat.

What Are The Effects Of Snoring?

Snoring is more than just a loud noise. It leads to broken sleep for snorers and their partner. This can have a profound impact on their quality of life as it can be embarrassing and create marriage problems.

Research has shown that 60% of patients who snore have less sex and in 80% of cases they sleep in separate rooms. In addition snoring has been associated with medical complications and if left untreated the potential for developing obstructive sleep apnoea.


Studies have shown that the lack of sleep caused by snoring has wide reaching effects such as:

  • daytime sleepiness
  • a lack of energy
  • poor motivation
  • accidents related to driving while tired
  • higher stress levels due to fatigue
  • less effectiveness at work effecting remuneration and career progression
  • reduced sex drive
Snoring Treatments

The four clinically proven snoring treatments are Mandibular Advancement Splint therapy, CPAP, Loosing weight and Surgery. At UltraSmile*, we offer the Sleepwell Mandibular Advancement Splint.

Sleepwell Mandibular Advancement Splint:

Sleepwell is a most cost effective and long term snoring treatment on the market to help quit snoring.

Sleepwell prevents the lower jaw from dropping back during sleep thereby preventing the closure of your airways during sleep – an effective stop snoring remedy.

Sleepwell is a custom made mouth piece produced within our laboratory to fit your teeth.

Sleepwell has some unique features including a soft inner lining, allows side to side movement of the lower jaw and most importantly allows the patient to adjust it to maximize effectiveness. High levels of patient comfort meant that during clinical trials over 98% of patients found Sleepwell an acceptable snoring remedy.

It is the most clinically successful and advanced two-piece mouth piece to help stop snoring.

Sleepwell addresses a number of important key features including maximum comfort, retention and full patient adjustability. It is produced by specially trained and dedicated technicians.

Key benefits of Sleepwell:

  • Customised to your mouth for maximum comfort
  • Highly Successful – a reported 95% success in reducing snoring
  • Self-adjustable permitting longer life and total flexibility
  • Robust but slim line
  • Side to side movement whilst being worn
  • Prevents tooth damage from clenching / grinding
  • Modification can be made to allow for dental treatment

Sleepwell is a laboratory manufactured mouth piece using an innovative material and is customized to the patients teeth with a special soft inner lining for maximum comfort and retention. It also incorporates a specially designed component which simultaneously ensures that the lower jaw is held in a forward position whilst allowing side to side movement during sleep.

The Sleepwell works by holding the bottom jaw in a slightly forward position. This action is similar to doing a chin lift in ‘First Aid’, by holding the bottom jaw forward by just a few millimetres allows the tongue to move forward and opens the airway significantly. By allowing the passage of air more freely reduces snoring.

Sleepwell can give you a cost effective restful night’s sleep

Sleepwell should last around 3 years and in this context it is not too dissimilar to the replacement of spectacles. UltraSmile offers a 1-year manufacturing guarantee.

Sleepwell has been designed to overcome the problems leading to breakages with alternative splint designs. Due to it’s customised nature it would only need to be remade if patients underwent extensive dental treatment, however the cost of replacement would be minimised because of its two-piece design.