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Detecting and Treating Occlusion Problems in East London

Your “occlusion” or “bite” describes how your teeth meet when your jaws close together.

Your “bite” is important; if your teeth do not fit together properly, they may become damaged through wear, fracture, cracking or increased mobility. People with a disrupted bite may also experience constant headaches, muscle pain in the head and neck, tooth sensitivity and pain when moving the jaw.

Other symptoms may include excessive clenching and grinding of the teeth.

It is amazing how easily a person’s bite can become disrupted. Even a seemingly routine treatment involving a filling or crown placement can create occlusal problems.

At UltraSmile* we pay particular attention to your occlusion. Our thorough examination is designed to detect early or existing signs of occlusal problems.

Once diagnosed, we can recommend the appropriate solution, which may include a customised occlusal nightguard to help relax your jaw muscles and protect your teeth and/or a bite adjustment.