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What Will Your Skin Reveal?

At UltraSmile, we believe in highly customized skincare, not one-size-fits-all treatment plans. Our experienced providers have chosen the best evidence-based products, treatments, and tools to ensure that our patients get the results they desire and deserve.

We are therefore thrilled to introduce you to our new VISIA Skin & Complexion Analysis system. The most advanced skin & complexion analysis system in the world. This is the same system used in high level dermatological studies by the world’s top experts.

We bring this technology to you at UltraSmile, in order to give you the very best in skin & complexion, to not only capture images of what lies at the surface of your skin but also what lies beneath! and to scientifically track your progress and treatment results.

The system can also give you an assessment of skin age with their TruSKIN analysis.


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What is a VISIA Skin & Complexion Analysis?

The VISIA Skin & Complexion Analysis is a state-of-the-art digital imaging device that provides a comprehensive assessment of the skin’s surface and subsurface layers. It uses multi-spectral imaging to capture information on the skin’s texture, wrinkles, redness, pigmentation, pore size, UV spots, sun damage and porphyrins (evidence of acne-causing bacteria lodged in pores).

These skin conditions may not yet be visible to the naked eye, but when areas of concern are identified early, we can help prevent future skin issues and develop a customised treatment plan to address them.

Here are some key aspects that VISIA Skin & Complexion Analysis typically evaluates: 

  • Wrinkles: The system can detect and quantify the presence of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.
  • Texture: It assesses the overall texture of the skin, including smoothness and roughness.
  • Pores: VISIA can analyse the size and condition of pores, helping to identify issues like enlarged pores.
  • Spots: The system identifies various types of spots, such as hyperpigmentation, sun damage, and age spots.
  • Brown Spots (Pigmentation): VISIA can assess the distribution and intensity of brown spots caused by sun exposure and aging.
  • Red Areas (Vascular Areas): It analyses redness and vascular lesions, providing insights into conditions like rosacea.
  • UV Damage: VISIA can reveal the extent of UV damage on the skin, helping to emphasize the importance of sun protection.
  • Bacteria Growth: Some systems have the capability to detect levels of bacterial growth on the skin’s surface.
  • Oiliness: It assesses the level of oiliness on the skin, aiding in the management of conditions like acne.


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What is VISIA skin analysis TruAge?

VISIA TruAge is a feature of the VISIA skin analysis system that uses advanced algorithms to estimate a person’s “TruAge” based on their skin’s condition. The TruAge estimates a person’s biological age, which may differ from their chronological age.

To estimate a person’s TruAge, the VISIA machine takes high-definition images of the skin and analyses the data using advanced algorithms. The analysis considers various factors, including wrinkles, texture, brown spots, red areas, and UV spots. Based on this analysis, the VISIA software calculates a person’s TruAge and provides a detailed report of their skin’s condition and how it compares to others in their age group.

The TruAge feature is designed to provide a more comprehensive assessment of a person’s skin health and help them develop a personalised skin care plan that addresses their unique needs and concerns. By identifying areas of the skin that may contribute to premature ageing, such as sun damage or wrinkles, the TruAge feature can help people take proactive steps to maintain youthful-looking skin and minimise the signs of ageing.

Want to find your TruSkin age? Book a complimentary VISIA Skin & Complexion Analysis with us!


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How does it work?

Having your skin analysed by VISIA takes just a few minutes and is a very comfortable process – just like getting your picture taken. The system captures digital images of your face from different angles, which are then analysed and compared to the skin condition within your peer group, providing helpful insight into how your skin may age based on its current appearance and lifestyle factors. The results might surprise you!

  • After performing a VISIA analysis, our Aesthetic Practitioners will receive a comprehensive skin report that can be used to create a custom skin care routine and treatment plan that addresses your specific needs. Our VISIA Skin Analysis system takes the guesswork out of developing a skincare programme that is perfectly tailored for you.
  • It helps us develop a more targeted treatment program that is perfectly tailored for you and your skin requirements, while also tracking your treatment outcomes over time.
  • One of the best ways we can use VISIA is to monitor the progress of your skincare routine and in-clinic treatments, and use this information to adjust the plan accordingly.
  • By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your skin, we can recommend products and treatments that are suited to your skin type. Whether you’re struggling with acne, premature ageing, sensitive skin or pigmentation, our VISIA Skin Analysis system can help you achieve your goals.

There are plenty of skin issues you may not be able to spot just by looking in a mirror. If you’re interested in understanding what your skin needs to look its best, contact us to learn more today and let us help you transform your skin from the inside out.


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What Are The Benefits Of A VISIA Skin & Complexion Analysis?

VISIA skin analysis offers several benefits, including:

Comprehensive Assessment: VISIA provides a thorough and detailed analysis of various skin parameters, including wrinkles, texture, pores, spots, pigmentation, redness, UV damage, and more. This comprehensive evaluation helps to create a holistic understanding of the skin’s condition.

Personalised Treatment Plans: Based on the analysis results, skincare professionals can create personalized treatment plans tailored to an individual’s specific skin concerns. This targeted approach enhances the effectiveness of skincare routines and treatments.

Objective Evaluation: VISIA eliminates subjectivity by providing objective data about the skin. This allows for a more accurate assessment of skin conditions and facilitates better-informed decision-making regarding skincare products and procedures.

Progress Monitoring: For individuals undergoing specific skincare treatments, VISIA can be used to monitor progress over time. By comparing analysis results from different sessions, both professionals and clients can track improvements and make necessary adjustments to the skincare regimen.

Preventative Care: VISIA can reveal early signs of skin damage and aging, allowing for proactive and preventive measures. This can include recommendations for sun protection, lifestyle changes, and skincare routines to maintain healthy skin.VISIA serves as an educational tool for both skincare professionals and clients. It helps individuals understand their skin’s unique characteristics, the impact of various factors on skin health, and the importance of proper skincare practices.

Product Recommendation: Based on the analysis, skincare professionals can recommend specific skincare products that address the identified concerns. This ensures that individuals use products that are most suitable for their skin type and condition.


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VISIA Skin & Complexion Analysis Cost?

At UltraSmile, you can expect always to receive the highest standard of treatment and care. We take a patient-centred approach to aesthetics, offering you some of the most cutting-edge, personalised treatments.

For a limited time only. We are offering:

  • FREESkin & Complexion Analysis on the VISIA machine (worth £150)
  • As well as a magnificent 20% DISCOUNTon the price of ALL our PicoSure Pro and Potenza Packages


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VISIA Skin & Complexion Analysis FAQ

What is VISIA Skin & Complexion Analysis?

VISIA is a skin analysis system that uses advanced imaging technology to assess various aspects of the skin, providing a detailed analysis of parameters such as wrinkles, texture, pores, spots, pigmentation, and more.

How Does VISIA Skin & Complexion Analysis Work?

VISIA captures high-resolution images of the skin’s surface using specialized imaging equipment. The images are then analysed by sophisticated software to generate a comprehensive report on the skin’s condition.

Is VISIA Skin & Complexion Analysis Safe?

Yes, VISIA analysis is generally considered safe. It is a non-invasive procedure that involves taking images of the skin without any harmful effects.

How Long Does a VISIA Skin & Complexion Analysis Take?

A typical VISIA analysis session takes around 15 to 20 minutes. This includes the time needed to capture the images and generate the analysis report.

Who Can Benefit From VISIA Skin & Complexion Analysis?

VISIA analysis is beneficial for individuals of various skin types and ages. It can be particularly useful for those seeking personalized skincare recommendations, anti-aging treatments, or solutions for specific skin concerns.

Can VISIA Accurately Predict My Chronological Age?

VISIA provides an assessment of the skin’s condition and may estimate the skin’s age based on certain characteristics. However, it does not determine a person’s true chronological age.

What Information Does VISIA Skin & Complexion Analysis Provide?

The VISIA report typically includes detailed information about wrinkles, texture, pores, spots, pigmentation, redness, and UV damage. It may also offer recommendations for skincare products and treatments.

Can VISIA Skin & Complexion Analysis Help With Acne Or Other Specific Skin Conditions?

Yes, VISIA analysis can provide insights into various skin conditions, including acne. Skincare professionals can use the information to recommend appropriate treatments and products