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Denture Service – Smile with Confidence Again

Even with all the advances of modern dentistry, your teeth may not last forever. Tooth loss is something that affects millions of people every year. At UltraSmile*, we can however, offer many options for replacing lost or extracted teeth. One such option are cosmetic dentures.

It is important that missing teeth are replaced straight away for the following reasons:

  • Teeth adjacent to the gap begin to move towards the gap and can cause functional bite problems as well as a crooked smile.
  • Missing teeth can result in bone loss and shrinkage of your jawbone over time.
  • Missing teeth can cause your facial muscles to sag (due to lack of support) and make you look much older than you are.

There are two main types of dentures that are used to replace missing teeth, full dentures which replace a full set of either upper or lower teeth and partial dentures which only replace a few missing teeth.

Here at UltraSmile* we don’t just make dentures to look good but place great importance on fabricating dentures that are a perfect fit. Loose dentures can irritate your gums, cause problems with eating and social embarrassment.
we ensure that our dentures are always made to fit securely in place.

Our beautifully designed dentures have a natural, beautiful and youthful appearance.