Inman Aligner

Ultrasmile/Orthodontic Braces in East London/Inman Aligner

Inman Aligner in East London – Align Teeth in 4 to 16 Weeks

The new orthodontic appliance that is changing the face of cosmetic dentistry.

The INMAN ALIGNER is designed to straighten front teeth in as little as a month, for a fraction of the cost of more traditional orthodontic treatments.

Whilst traditional braces work by applying force to teeth from one direction, the INMAN ALIGNER works by means of a spring loaded mechanism that exerts a constant pressure on the teeth from two opposing directions, thereby gently ‘squeezing’ the teeth into the correct alignment.

The INMAN ALIGNER is not just an orthodontic appliance. Many cosmetic dentists are calling it the ‘Missing link between orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry”. Some even go so far as to say that it is the “Greatest innovation in cosmetic dentistry since the porcelain veneer”.

The INMAN ALIGNER, however, has limitations and not every case is possible, but if you are suitable you could get a fantastic smile in a matter of weeks and at far less cost than with traditional methods.

UltraSmile* is proud to be one of the very first INMAN ALIGNER providers in Europe.