Incognito Lite
A More Beautiful Smile Is Only Months Away!
The way you smile tells people a lot about you, but if you're embarrassed about crooked front teeth, you might feel the need to hide your smile, and that could be holding you back socially and professionally.

The Incognito™ Lite Appliance System is a new, less extensive version of the revolutionary Incognito™ Appliance System.

While the original Incognito™ System attaches invisibly to the backs of all teeth, the Incognito™ Lite System is strategically designed to work on only the six teeth, top or bottom, that need fixing.

For those who need re-alignment just in this area, this highly targeted approach means not only an invisible, aesthetic, highly effective experience, but a faster and more cost-effective one as well.

Maybe you had thought about getting treatment, but who wants to spend years with those ugly conventional metal braces?

Now, with the Incognito™ Lite Appliance System you can have beautiful, straight front teeth in as little as 4-6 months!

Incognito™ Lite braces are attached only to the teeth that need fixing, so you see faster results. And, since they work on the backs of your teeth, no one will even know that you have them on!

With Incognito™ Lite braces, you'll be able to smile with confidence, not only after they've done their job, but even while you're wearing them.

11 Reasons To Smile About Incognito™ Lite Braces:

• Invisible, because they're bonded to the backs of your teeth

• Comfortable, because of their low profile bracket design

• Effective, because they work 24/7—even while you're sleeping

• Individualized For You, because they're 100% customized to the shape of your teeth with the precision of state-of-the-art computerized design and manufacture

• Quick To Put On, because they're on fewer teeth and use specialized wires that are easy and quick to work with, so you spend less time in the doctor´s chair

• Short Treatment Time, because of their successful, proven technology, you'll see results in just months

• A Brighter Smile, because there's little risk of the white marks on the front teeth that traditional braces can cause

• Hypo-allergenic, because they're made from gold, not nickel

• Easy To Clean, because they're easily accessible

• Cost Effective, because you only pay for treating the 6 front teeth that specifically need fixing, not all 32

• Proven Success, because Incognito™ technology has been used to treat more than 75,000 patients over 10 years
Incognito Lite - The Future of Dentistry
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