6 Month Smiles
A Natural, Beautiful Smile In Just 6 Months!

Six Month Smile in London - A Natural, Beautiful Smile In Just 6 Months

Adults all over the world can now smile bigger and brighter than ever after wearing braces for only 6 months - thanks to our Six Month Smile in London.

Are you one of the millions of adults who are unhappy, self-conscious or even embarrassed about your smile?

In the past, it would have been hard to comprehend an orthodontic treatment that worked in less than a year and didn't necessitate complicated metal brackets, wires and frequent trips to the dentist.

Now, there is a new, effective, safe and affordable cosmetic solution that fits your lifestyle.

Using the latest techniques, the 6 Month Smiles treatment sensation offers many patients who were otherwise put off by the lengthy process of traditional orthodontics another option to correcting crooked or misaligned teeth.

Reasons to choose 6 Month Smiles braces:

• The wires are discreet, small and tooth coloured

• Treatment time is reduced by up to 75%

• Discomfort is kept to a minimum as the teeth are gently repositioned

• cost is up to half that of traditional braces.

6 Month Smiles can be used to treat a wide variety of orthodontic complaints including:

• Crowding
• Gaps
• Overbite
• Underbite
• Crossbite
• Openbite
• Misplaced Midline

To discuss our Six Month Smile treatment in London, book your consultation today.
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